Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dogs Love Trucks

OK, so a Honda Element can hardly be called a truck, but like the old Nissan commercial from the 1990's (Dogs love trucks) dogs seem to like anything with a large cargo area. I believe they are have now been selected after the last 100 years to love automobiles. Maybe the genetic shift happened even before that when boats and covered wagons explored new territories. Bear's expression is typical of his weekend demeanor. He is READY TO GO! Apparently, he can also tell time with some accuracy. On weekend mornings he knows that he will get to go running or snowshoeing with me. He flies around the house nearly wiping out on the Pergo floors. The colder it gets the more spastic he gets.

Tucker, on the other hand isn't big on winter. He still loves the weekend treks through the woods, but as soon as we are home he is ready to park his skinny rear on his bed which has been strategically placed in front of a heater. He appears to melt into the bed as he warms up. Next life I think I want to come back as a well-cared for dog.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Winter Sun

Today was an excellent day in Vermont. It has been a warm winter for the most part and today was no exception. The thermometer at Clark's Truck Service Center Read 46 F at 4:00 pm. It was bright and sunny with crisp shadows. I took the picture at the right in our side yard.

For once the road surfaces are dry. We used a gift certificate from my mother and went to the Olive Garden. Christine and I both decided that the portions are designed for very hungry people. We are not light eaters and can never finish the meals. I had the Chicken Giardino and we tried the new smoked cheese appetizer.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Green Pancakes

Well today started off normally enough. On Wednesday's I can work from home, so I usually try to make something a little more substantial for breakfast instead of instant oatmeal. Christine got up and took the dogs out and I proceeded to make some buckwheat pancakes. Everything went smoothly until I went to add the vanilla. In my morning haze I had not turned on the kitchen light and was operating by snow muted morning light entering through a hundred-year-old window.

Turns out the vanilla is in a small brown bottle that looks almost identical to a bottle of green food coloring we had. The result: shockingly 'Kermit' green pancakes. It was actually pretty funny. I might try some other colors on future Wednesday mornings.